Advertising Techniques Your Business Can Use

UK advertising has come along way and is growing at a feverish pace. Everyday a new advertising technique or a new advertising strategy is being developed by some one. New techniques like animation, graphic representation, interactive ads, etc are being developed and are being used to the best of the effect. Also the advertising industry has become a large glamorous and show biz industry.

All the new companies are jumping on the band wagon and are taking advantage of these current boom by investing money in well established firms or by investing money or by making ads to market and popularizes their products and services. In UK advertising and marketing is the basic difference in a big brand and an average brand. All the companies have understood and realized the importance of brand value and are inverting large sums of money and are trying to make the best ads to increase the brand value of their product. Companies are also hiring famous people from sports, politics, serials, movies, and all other as the brand ambassadors of their product and company.

Various advertising techniques that are used in UK:

o Neon Signs: This is a type of hoarding advertisements. Neon signs are very bright and attractive and hence are used as advertising boards by many hotels, theaters, etc.

o Digital advertising boards: This is also a type of hoarding advertisement. Digital advertising boards are used on many signals or other cross roads or are erected in the corner of the road. The digital sign boards keep on changing the ads and 2-3 ads can be displayed on the board depending on the capacity of the sign board. This is also known as media advertising.

o Hoardings: Big posters or hoardings are still a huge hit in UK advertising world. Though this method may be a bit old and outdated, it still gives optimum results and provides effective marketing and advertising solutions.

o News paper advertisements: News paper advertising in UK has developed tremendously. Today big ads having photos, designs, and colors can easily be published in the daily news paper. Even news paper reading is the favorite break fast activity for many people. Hence, news papers advertisements are not only affordable but also help you generate a large group of audience.

o TV commercials: TV commercials have also evolved a lot and new techniques like animation or special effects are being used to capture the imagination of the audience and get them involved. A recent survey has revealed that UK customers get attracted to products depending on the ad that is broadcasted on the TV channels.

Changing the mind of the viewer or influencing the viewer by means of a TV commercial is as easy as to change the channel of the TV using a remote control. Due to this UK advertising is mostly media based or TV based. Companies are taking full advantage of the recently developed technologies in UK advertising world.

Effective Display Advertising Mediums

How to Launch an Effective Advertisement

There are a lot of modern ways of launching an advertisement for a product or a service, but experts in the marketing field would surely advice you not to ignore traditional ways as these also have a way gaining revenue. And as far as traditional advertising is concerned, putting up advertisement boards has proven to be one of the most effective mediums. Not only are advertisement boards easy to put up and can be used for any kind of product/service, but they are also economical and effective for brand recognition and in terms of market reach.

The most common types of advertising boards are pin boards, directory boards, and notice boards. If your marketing plan includes a low budget, then you should really consider this medium as advertising boards are actually economical but provides excellent results, still.

Read on to know more about some variants of advertising boards:

Pin boards

Pin boards have a very specific target market: kids and couples. This is because pin boards are generally decorated and customized, thus making them appear casual and playful. If your target market is youth, this is a great way to catch their attention to get your message across.

It is a good idea to invest in a pin board since one would be easily adjusted in terms of colors and decorations for different target markets and age groups.

Directory boards

The most basic function of a directory board is to put up signs or maps in order to show visitors the terrain of the establishment they are in, so they could easily find the room/department they are searching for. These are used both for inside and outside buildings, so as to maximize the people who could see them. There are variations to the materials used to create boards like these, including natural aluminum, hard wood, or dark bronze.

Notice boards

For small institutions, notice boards are used in order to efficiently spread messages to all departments or floors. It may not be as effective with large establishments where the turnover of visitors and employees are huge, but this is still one of the most cost-effective and all-around modes of sending a message for a workplace.

It is also recommended to put up notice boards outside establishments so people could easily take note of things such as operating hours and other information they may need. Notice boards are exceptionally useful for establishments like offices, police stations, and even schools.


You’d be surprised to find out that the offline market is still significantly bigger than the online market, particularly because not all internet users pay attention to the ads they see online. If you are promoting a local product, it is still highly recommended to put up offline ads such as advertising boards so as to generate a huge audience, establish brand recognition, and add your product to daily conversation between locals.

Remember that the end-goal of any marketing ploy is to generate higher revenue. This is why you should take full advantage of traditional marketing in terms of reach and name recall. Just make sure that whatever medium you use, you would consider matters such as design, timing, and location.

Make A Boards Work for You

Are you worried about how you would promote your newly established business with very little funds that you have? New entrepreneurs are always thinking about how they can come up with better ways to improve their business because they are always concerned about the initial business push that they need to earn more profits which they can gradually use to fuel better advertisements and promotions. Although, there are many options available for new entrepreneurs but they are usually confused about which options they should go for. If you are looking for low budget investments then you should go for A boards that will help you to get the right promotions without spending enough money.

The good thing about A boards is that you can really make them the way you want it. Hence, you always get the option to select the kind of A boards that you want. You need to keep in mind that getting more options allows you to get the power to attract the customers the way you want and you can certainly get those options when you are using A boards for the promotion of your services and products. So, how do you really make your A boards work for you?

Buying the right size of A boards is really important because you need to know how big your board should be. A boards are available in different sizes and therefore you will need to pay more for the bigger boards. Hence, you can always buy A boards that fit your budget. Apart from that you need to decide where you will place your A boards. If you are planning to keep the boards outside on the streets then you need to look for bigger ones because you would like pedestrians to notice your board from distance. Hence, smaller boards won’t do any good to you. However, if you have more space inside your store or if your store is inside the mall then you can go for smaller A boards because you don’t want to make your shop look ugly because your board size definitely reflects the status of your business.

Designer A boards definitely make difference to your business marketing techniques but they are not that important. However, many market experts feel that designer A boards definitely do good to the business because they are available in different shapes and therefore they are visible from far off distances. Hence, you not only get the opportunity to attract pedestrians walking on your street but people from distance can see the design of your advertisement boards and they can quickly make out that you sell the products and services that they are looking for. Hence, you get better customers that you might have missed otherwise.

A boards are not just regular boards where you display the information about what you offer to your customers, but they can be more than that. You can quickly go for some designs that are available on A boards. There are many advertisement boards that are available in different designs and that makes it look more attractive and better. You can quickly take a look at the designs that are available. If you don’t find A boards with designs try it on the internet. You will definitely find websites on the web that sell A boards that have various designs and colors. Hence, it looks much more attractive and eye-catching. This factor is really important because pedestrians walking on the streets are busy even while they are walking. Some are talking on their cell phones, while some are looking for addresses and some are too occupied with thoughts running through their mind. Hence, you need to make your customers feel better and draw their attention to your advertisement board. For this you need bright and better colors and good interesting fonts that are bold enough to see from distance.

Since we are talking about options we also need to take a look at the materials that are used to make the board. Normally, people go for aluminum boards because they can stand any kind of weather. However, it all depends on your preferences and budget as well. You can decide what different materials you would want and you have options like wood, steel, aluminum and paper. However, before you choose the material you need to decide where exactly you will place A boards. If your shop is inside the mall then you can go for paper boards because your advertisement board does not have to bear climatic changes like rain and snow. However, if you are going to place A boards on the streets then you will need to go for any other material except paper because A boards made out of paper won’t last long outside. Hence, you have the options in your hand but you need to make the right use of those options.