A-Boards – An Advertising Tool

A-Boards are used in the world of advertising, they are advertising boards that have a special structure shape. The frame of the board is ‘A’ shaped. The boards have 4 legs that join into a triangular point giving an A shape, some boards also have a joining bar in the middle for extra support.

A-Boards are very popular in for advertising and they are very versatile. Because of their design and shape they can fold down so that they are flat and can be transported with ease, they are normally also quite lightweight. They can be made from wood, plastics and metals all of which vary in durability and cost. The wooden boards are not so good for outdoor use due to rain but are very popular with little cafe’s and garden centres as the wood effect tends to go with the theme of the venue.

The plastic boards tend to be the cheapest of the 3 material boards and are often used when the budget available is not as high.

Metal boards tend to be the premium boards that are most suited to outdoor environments ad are heard wearing.

A-Boards are usually designed to house a poster, the poster is the covered by a Perspex sheet to protect the poster and keep it in place. A-Boards are capable of displaying a different poster on both sides maximising advertising efficiency. However there is another type of A-Board and it is often the wooden framed board used in cafes, instead of housing a poster to advertise, the sides of the board have chalkboards attached to them instead. The board is then wiped clean daily and often managers specials are chalked on and other specials on offer.

Make A Boards Work for You

Are you worried about how you would promote your newly established business with very little funds that you have? New entrepreneurs are always thinking about how they can come up with better ways to improve their business because they are always concerned about the initial business push that they need to earn more profits which they can gradually use to fuel better advertisements and promotions. Although, there are many options available for new entrepreneurs but they are usually confused about which options they should go for. If you are looking for low budget investments then you should go for A boards that will help you to get the right promotions without spending enough money.

The good thing about A boards is that you can really make them the way you want it. Hence, you always get the option to select the kind of A boards that you want. You need to keep in mind that getting more options allows you to get the power to attract the customers the way you want and you can certainly get those options when you are using A boards for the promotion of your services and products. So, how do you really make your A boards work for you?

Buying the right size of A boards is really important because you need to know how big your board should be. A boards are available in different sizes and therefore you will need to pay more for the bigger boards. Hence, you can always buy A boards that fit your budget. Apart from that you need to decide where you will place your A boards. If you are planning to keep the boards outside on the streets then you need to look for bigger ones because you would like pedestrians to notice your board from distance. Hence, smaller boards won’t do any good to you. However, if you have more space inside your store or if your store is inside the mall then you can go for smaller A boards because you don’t want to make your shop look ugly because your board size definitely reflects the status of your business.

Designer A boards definitely make difference to your business marketing techniques but they are not that important. However, many market experts feel that designer A boards definitely do good to the business because they are available in different shapes and therefore they are visible from far off distances. Hence, you not only get the opportunity to attract pedestrians walking on your street but people from distance can see the design of your advertisement boards and they can quickly make out that you sell the products and services that they are looking for. Hence, you get better customers that you might have missed otherwise.

A boards are not just regular boards where you display the information about what you offer to your customers, but they can be more than that. You can quickly go for some designs that are available on A boards. There are many advertisement boards that are available in different designs and that makes it look more attractive and better. You can quickly take a look at the designs that are available. If you don’t find A boards with designs try it on the internet. You will definitely find websites on the web that sell A boards that have various designs and colors. Hence, it looks much more attractive and eye-catching. This factor is really important because pedestrians walking on the streets are busy even while they are walking. Some are talking on their cell phones, while some are looking for addresses and some are too occupied with thoughts running through their mind. Hence, you need to make your customers feel better and draw their attention to your advertisement board. For this you need bright and better colors and good interesting fonts that are bold enough to see from distance.

Since we are talking about options we also need to take a look at the materials that are used to make the board. Normally, people go for aluminum boards because they can stand any kind of weather. However, it all depends on your preferences and budget as well. You can decide what different materials you would want and you have options like wood, steel, aluminum and paper. However, before you choose the material you need to decide where exactly you will place A boards. If your shop is inside the mall then you can go for paper boards because your advertisement board does not have to bear climatic changes like rain and snow. However, if you are going to place A boards on the streets then you will need to go for any other material except paper because A boards made out of paper won’t last long outside. Hence, you have the options in your hand but you need to make the right use of those options.

Marketing Story – Setup an Advertisement Board

Every morning 7 am, there was a middle aged nicely dressed man appear standing right at the junction of the road. This had happened for continuous 10 days. Everyday, he was holding a stopwatch in his hand. He is either observing all the pedestrian passing by the junction, or thinking something in his mind. Other than that, he seemed writing some records on a paper.

The people nearby were wondering what is this man doing and why he is doing this. After one week plus later, this man again appeared at the junction. He was busying instructing many staff setting up a big advertisement board. He told those staffs the exact position and direction how the advertisement board should be fixed.

Meanwhile, many people around came to see them setting up the advertisement board. One of the audience asked this man:” I have been seeing you standing here for more than 10 days continuously at 7am exactly every morning. Is this because of this advertisement board?”

This man replied with a smile that:”Yes! Everyday I came here at the same time and record down how many pedestrian will pass by this junction. At the same time, I observed them about where and when their sight will fall at and estimated their status of living and purchasing level….”

This audience continuously asked again:” Wow, you are so serious about your job, is this advertisement expense very high?”

This man replied that,” hmm…, quite OK ”

After the advertisement board was ready, the media there reported that this advertisement board was designed and setup by a well known foreign advertising company.

PS: Instead of always exaggerate and creating surprising effect through marketing activities, why not focusing more effort in doing some practical market research, including investigating customer in many aspect, accurately calculating the marketing expense, considering all the possible problem may appear. This may produce a good practical marketing with lower cost.